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Greedy is a remake from the famous arcade game : Pacman ! It allows many options, greater sound effects, nice graphics and more than 70 levels !

Take in Hand

The idea is simple. You are a little character as yellow as round which must eat all pills that it could find. Some of them are magic and became you stronger than anybody during few seconds. Time needed to escape of nasty ghosts who live into the different levels of the game...What they're used to ? Only eating you !


Once upon a time into a restaurant, the japan coder who names Toru Iwatani was ordered a Pizza. He has cut one piece from it and found a funny form. Pacman was born ! Pac-man in japan language sounds like miam-miam in Europe and America.

Commercialised in 1980 october by Namco, Pacman became quickly the best reference into the main video game corners in all over the world. Really easy to use, happy and fun colours included, the game is approved by every men, and women who hadn't any feeling for the video games until this. Pacman is a real business successful with 22 millions of units sold in the world. In 1982 november, the Pacman World championship has brought 150 000 competitors during the finale in Paris. Shyrle DeHaven entered in Guinness Book like the stronger player and having played to Pacman during more than 28 hours ! For Twin Galaxies enterprise more than 10 milliard of Pacman scores had been played since 20 years !

Since Pacman, video games had strongly evaluate, always more technology for more pictures, for more speed, as speed as possible... But instead, more the technology was included into games, less the pleasure and the passion to play by everybody on earth was announced...Greedy was born from this case and our own enjoy has been renowned with the thru values : Enjoy to play !


version 1.00 - Full version.
version 0.90 - Limited demo to four levels.

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